Drug name: A6 peptide

Related CSCTT Targets

CD44 [ref.1]

A6 peptide (acetyl-KPSSPPEE-amino)

Cas.no PubChem ID
Not Detected 54613018
Known Target
The A6 peptide (acetyl-KPSSPPEE-amino) has antitumor activity in the absence of significant adverse events in murine tumor models and clinical trials. A6 shares sequence homology with CD44, an adhesion receptor involved in metastasis that is also a marker of cancer stem cells and drug-resistant phenotypes.

A6 peptide (acetyl-KPSSPPEE-amino)-Structure



  • [2] A6 peptide activates CD44 adhesive activity, induces FAK and MEK phosphorylation, and inhibits the migration and metastasis of CD44-expressing cells.
    Piotrowicz, R. S., et al. (2011). Mol Cancer Ther 10(11): 2072-2082. [ 21885863 ]

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