Drug name: CP-31398

Related CSCTT Targets

ALDH-high cells [ref.1]


Cas.no PubChem ID
259199-65-0 9950868
Known Target
Cellular tumor antigen p53P04637
CP-31398 has been shown to effectively reduce tumor initiation and progression using cultured human cells in vitro, including germ line p53 deficient Li – Fraumeni syndrome (LFS) cells and primary mouse tumor model systems in vivo.




  • [1] Targeting cancer stem cells with p53 modulators.
    Zhang, Z., L. Liu, R. Gomez-Casal, X. Wang, R. Hayashi, E. Appella, L. Kopelovich and A. B. DeLeo (2016). Oncotarget.. [ 27074569 ]

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