Drug name: Anti-miR inhibitor


Anti-miR miRNA Inhibitors are chemically modified, single stranded nucleic acids designed to specifically bind to and inhibit endogenous microRNA (miRNA) molecules. These ready-to-use inhibitors can be introduced into cells using transfection or electroporation parameters similar to those used for siRNAs, and enable detailed study of miRNA biological effects.

Use of the Anti-miR miRNA Inhibitors enable miRNA functional analysis by down-regulation of miRNA activity. Specific experimental designs include: miRNA target site identification and validation, screening for miRNAs that regulate the expression of a gene, and screening for miRNAs that affect a cellular process.

Anti-miR InhibitorSchema



  • [1] Hyaluronan-CD44 interaction with protein kinase C(epsilon) promotes oncogenic signaling by the stem cell marker Nanog and the Production of microRNA-21, leading to down-regulation of the tumor suppressor protein PDCD4, anti-apoptosis, and chemotherapy resistance in breast tumor cells.
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  • [3] miR-217 targeting DKK1 promotes-cancer-stem-cell properties via activation of the Wnt signaling pathway in hepatocellular carcinoma.
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  • [4] MicroRNA-449a maintains self-renewal in liver cancer stem-like cells by targeting Tcf3.
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  • [5] miR-3120-5p promotes colon cancer stem cell stemness and invasiveness through targeting Axin2.
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  • [6] MiR-30-5p suppresses cell chemoresistance and stemness in colorectal cancer through USP22/Wnt/β-catenin signaling axis.
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  • [7] Suppressive role exerted by microRNA-29b-1-5p in triple negative breast cancer through SPIN1 regulation.
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  • [8] MiR-23b controls ALDH1A1 expression in cervical cancer stem cells.
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  • [10] Inhibition of miR-155,a therapeutic target for breast cancer, prevented in cancer stem cell formation.
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  • [11] MiR-129-5p inhibits non-small cell lung cancer cell stemness and chemoresistance through targeting DLK1.
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