Drug name: 5E1

Related CSCTT Targets

Sonic hedgehog protein [ref.1, 2]Q15465
Indian hedgehog protein [ref.1, 2]Q14623

Anti-Hh monoclonal antibody 5E1

Cas.no PubChem ID
Known Target
Sonic hedgehog proteinQ15465
Indian hedgehog proteinQ14623
Anti-Hh monoclonal antibody 5E1, which neutralizes the Shh and Ihh activity, was prepared from a hybridoma, which was purchased from the Iowa Hybridoma Bank. Inhibition of Hh signaling with 5E1 induced apoptosis after 48 h of exposure, although these CD34+ cell lines exhibited resistance to cytarabine (Ara-C).


  • [1] Sonic hedgehog pathway is essential for maintenance of cancer stem-like cells in human gastric cancer. Song, Z., et al. (2011).PLoS One. 6(3):e17687.
    21394208. [ 21394208 ]
  • [2] Drug resistance is dramatically restored by hedgehog inhibitors in CD34+ leukemic cells. Kobune, M., et al. (2009).Cancer Sci.100(5):948-55.
    19245435. [ 19245435 ]

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