Drug name: YHO-13351

Related CSCTT Targets

ABCG2 [ref.1, 2]Q9UNQ0


Cas.no PubChem ID
Known Target
ATP-binding cassette sub-family G member 2Q9UNQ0
An in vivo bioavailable and highly water soluble ( >100 mg/ml) diethylaminoacetate prodrug of YHO-13177 that reverses ABCG2-mediated irinotecan resistance in P388/BCRP and HCT116/BCRP xenograft mouse models, and suppresses tumor growth and significantly enhances the survival (100 or 200 mg/kg, i.p.).




  • [1] ABCG2 inhibitor YHO-13351 sensitizes cancer stem/initiating-like side population cells to irinotecan.
    Shishido, Y., et al. (2013).Anticancer Res.33(4):1379-86.. [ 23564776 ]
  • [2] Novel acrylonitrile derivatives, YHO-13177 and YHO-13351, reverse BCRP/ABCG2-mediated drug resistance in vitro and in vivo.
    Yamazaki, R., et al. (2011).Mol Cancer Ther.10(7):1252-63.. [ 21566063 ]

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