Drug name: Salinomycin

Related CSCTT Targets

ABCB1 [ref.1, 4]P08183
ABCG2 [ref.2]Q9UNQ0
Fibronectin [ref.3]P02751
Kit-low/Cd44+/Cd34+ ICC stem cells [ref.5]


Cas.no PubChem ID
53003-10-4 72370
Salinomycin is initially an antibacterial and coccidiostat ionophore therapeutic drug. Salinomycin has been shown by Piyush Gupta et al. of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Broad Institute to kill breast cancer stem cells in mice at least 100 times more effectively than the anti-cancer drug paclitaxel. The mechanism of action by which salinomycin kills cancer stem cells specifically remains unknown, but is thought to be due to its action as a potassium ionophore due to the detection of nigericin in the same compound screen.




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    20444629. [ 20444629 ]
  • [2] Salinomycin overcomes ABC transporter-mediated multidrug and apoptosis resistance in human leukemia stem cell-like KG-1a cells. Fuchs, D., et al. (2010).Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 394(4):1098-104.
    20350531. [ 20350531 ]
  • [3] The inhibitory effect of salinomycin on the proliferation, migration and invasion of human endometrial cancer stem-like cells. Kusunoki, S., et al. (2013).Gynecol Oncol. 129(3):598-605.
    23500085. [ 23500085 ]
  • [4] Salinomycin induces apoptosis and overcomes apoptosis resistance in human cancer cells. Fuchs, D., et al. (2009).Biochem Biophys Res Commun.390(3):743-9.
    19835841. [ 19835841 ]
  • [5] Kitlow stem cells cause resistance to Kit/platelet-derived growth factor alpha inhibitors in murine gastrointestinal stromal tumors. Bardsley, M. R., et al. (2010).Gastroenterology.139(3):942-52.
    20621681. [ 20621681 ]

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