Drug name: Dofequidar fumarate

Related CSCTT Targets

ABCG2 [ref.1]Q9UNQ0
ABCB1 [ref.1]P08183

Dofequidar fumarate, MS209

Cas.no PubChem ID
158681-49-3 11979781
Known Target
Multidrug resistance protein 1P08183
An orally active, quinoline-derivative inhibitor of ABCB1⁄ P-gp. Phase III clinical trials suggested that dofequidar had efficacy in patients who had not received prior therapy.

Dofequidar fumarate, MS209-Structure



  • [1] Dofequidar fumarate sensitizes cancer stem-like side population cells to chemotherapeutic drugs by inhibiting ABCG2/BCRP-mediated drug export. Katayama, R., et al. (2009).Cancer Sci. 100(11):2060-8.
    19673889. [ 19673889 ]

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