Drug name: ATIK2a

Related CSCTT Targets

TIM-3 [ref.1]Q8TDQ0

ATIK2a (anti-human TIM-3 mouse lgG2a antibody)

Cas.no PubChem ID
Known Target
Hepatitis A virus cellular receptor 2Q8TDQ0
ATIK2a is an anti-human TIM-3 mouse IgG2a antibody having complement-dependent and antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxic activities. This antibody did not harm reconstitution of normal human HSCs, but blocked engraftment of AML after xenotransplantation.


  • [1] TIM-3 is a promising target to selectively kill acute myeloid leukemia stem cells. Kikushige, Y., et al. (2010).Cell Stem Cell. 7(6):708-17.
    21112565. [ 21112565 ]

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