Detail for Claudin-3/4

Full Name

Claudin-3, Claudin-4

Uniprot ID

Gene Name



Related Disease

  • Ovarian Cancer [ref.1]

Therapy Method


Plays a major role in tight junction-specific obliteration of the intercellular space, through calcium-independent cell-adhesion activity.

CPE receptor.
CD44+ ovarian cancer stem cells expressed claudin-4 gene at significantly higher levels than matched autologous CD44− ovarian cancer cells, and regardless of their higher resistance to chemotherapeutic agents died within 1 hour after exposure to 1.0 μg/mL of CPE in vitro. Conversely, small-interfering RNA-mediated knockdown of claudin-3/-4 expression in CD44+ cancer stem cells significantly protected cancer stem cells from CPE-induced cytotoxicity.


  • [1] Eradication of chemotherapy-resistant CD44+ human ovarian cancer stem cells in mice by intraperitoneal administration of Clostridium perfringens enterotoxin.
    Casagrande, F., et al. (2011). Cancer 117(24): 5519-5528.. [ 21692061 ]

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