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Voltage-dependent anion channel 2

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Related Disease

  • Glioma [ref.1]

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VDAC2 (Voltage Dependent Anion Channel 2) is a Protein Coding gene. It forms a channel through the mitochondrial outer membrane that allows diffusion of small hydrophilic molecules. The channel adopts an open conformation at low or zero membrane potential and a closed conformation at potentials above 30-40 mV. The open state of VDAC2 has a weak anion selectivity whereas the closed state is cation-selective.

Plastic phenotype convention between glioma stem cells (GSCs) and non-stem tumor cells (NSTCs) significantly fuels glioblastoma heterogeneity that causes therapeutic failure. Recent progressions indicate that glucose metabolic reprogramming could drive cell fates. VDAC2 is critical for metabolic switching between GSCs and NSTCs to affect their phenotypes. [1]


  • [1] VDAC2 interacts with PFKP to regulate glucose metabolism and phenotypic reprogramming of glioma stem cells.
    Cell Death Dis.2018 Sep 24;9(10):988. [ 30250190 ]

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