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WNK1 kinase

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Related Disease

  • Glioblastoma cancer [ref.1]

Therapy Method

  • [ref.]


WNK1 (WNK Lysine Deficient Protein Kinase 1) is a Protein Coding gene. Diseases associated with WNK1 include Neuropathy, Hereditary Sensory And Autonomic, Type Iia and Pseudohypoaldosteronism, Type Iic. Among its related pathways are Akt Signaling and Transport of glucose and other sugars, bile salts and organic acids, metal ions and amine compounds. Gene Ontology (GO) annotations related to this gene include transferase activity, transferring phosphorus-containing groups and protein tyrosine kinase activity. An important paralog of this gene is WNK2.

Related Pathway/CSCs feature


  • [1] WNK1 kinase and its partners Akt,SGK1 and NBC-family Na+/HCO3- cotransporters are potential therapeutic targets for glioblastoma?stem-like?cells?linked to Bisacodyl signaling.
    Oncotarget.2018 Jun 5;9(43):27197-27219. [ 29930759 ]

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