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Endothelial protein C receptor

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Related Disease

  • Breast cancer [ref.1]

Therapy Method


PROCR (Protein C Receptor) is a Protein Coding gene. Diseases associated with PROCR include Purpura Fulminans and Arteriovenous Fistula. Among its related pathways are Formation of Fibrin Clot (Clotting Cascade) and Complement and coagulation cascades.

The procoagulant effects of the TF pathway are counterbalanced by the protein C (PC) anticoagulant pathway to avoid intravascular thrombosis. PC is activated when thrombin binds to endothelial cell-expressed thrombomodulin. In this pathway, a CD1d–like immune receptor, the endothelial protein C receptor (EPCR), binds the c-carboxyl glutamic acid-rich (Gla) domain of PC and thereby markedly improves PC activation at the endothelial interface. EPCR also serves as the co-receptor for activated PC (aPC) in vascular protective signaling mediated by activation of PAR1. Endothelial overexpression of EPCR attenuates metastasis, presumably by dampening thrombin generation that supports metastatic tumor cell survival in vascular niches.

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  • [1] Endothelial protein C receptor function in murine and human breast cancer development.
    PLoS One.2013 Apr 9;8(4):e61071. [ 23593394 ]

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