Detail for HGF

Full Name

Hepatocyte growth factor

Uniprot ID

Gene Name



Related Disease

  • Colon Cancer [ref.1]

Therapy Method


Potent mitogen for mature parenchymal hepatocyte cells, seems to be a hepatotrophic factor, and acts as a growth factor for a broad spectrum of tissues and cell types. Activating ligand for the receptor tyrosine kinase MET by binding to it and promoting its dimerization.


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    Vermeulen, L., et al. (2010). Nat Cell Biol 12(5): 468-476.. [ 20418870 ]
  • [2] Novel antibody reagents for characterization of drug- and tumor microenvironment-induced changes in epithelial-mesenchymal transition and cancer stem cells.
    PLoS One.2018 Jun 21;13(6):e0199361.. [ 29928062 ]

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