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Full Name

Bone morphogenetic protein 2

Uniprot ID

Gene Name



Related Disease

  • Carcinoma-Associated Mesenchymal Stem Cells [ref.1]
  • Ovarian Cancer [ref.1]

Therapy Method


BMP-2 like other bone morphogenetic proteins,[2] plays an important role in the development of bone and cartilage. It is involved in the hedgehog pathway, TGF beta signaling pathway, and in cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction. It is also involved in cardiac cell differentiation and epithelial to mesenchymal transition.


  • [1] Human ovarian carcinoma-associated mesenchymal stem cells regulate cancer stem cells and tumorigenesis via altered BMP production.
    McLean, K., et al. (2011). J Clin Invest 121(8): 3206-3219.. [ 21737876 ]

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