Detail for Gli1

Full Name

Zinc finger protein GLI1

Uniprot ID

Gene Name



Related Disease

  • Glioblastoma [ref.1]
  • Pancreatic Cancer [ref.2]

Therapy Method


Acts as a transcriptional activator. May regulate the transcription of specific genes during normal development. May play a role in craniofacial development and digital development, as well as development of the central nervous system and gastrointestinal tract. Mediates SHH signaling and thus cell proliferation and differentiation.


  • [1] Cyclopamine-mediated hedgehog pathway inhibition depletes stem-like cancer cells in glioblastoma.
    Bar, E. E., et al. (2007). Stem Cells 25(10): 2524-2533.. [ 17628016 ]
  • [2] An orally bioavailable small-molecule inhibitor of Hedgehog signaling inhibits tumor initiation and metastasis in pancreatic cancer.
    Feldmann, G., et al. (2008). Mol Cancer Ther 7(9): 2725-2735. . [ 18790753 ]

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