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Full Name

Neurogenic locus notch homolog protein 4

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Gene Name



Related Disease

  • Breast Cancer [ref.1, 2]

Therapy Method


Functions as a receptor for membrane-bound ligands Jagged1, Jagged2 and Delta1 to regulate cell-fate determination. Upon ligand activation through the released notch intracellular domain (NICD) it forms a transcriptional activator complex with RBPJ/RBPSUH and activates genes of the enhancer of split locus. Affects the implementation of differentiation, proliferation and apoptotic programs. May regulate branching morphogenesis in the developing vascular system By similarity.

Related Pathway/CSCs feature


  • [1] Regulation of breast cancer stem cell activity by signaling through the Notch4 receptor.
    Harrison, H., et al. (2010). Cancer Res 70(2): 709-718.. [ 20068161 ]
  • [2] Role of Notch signaling in cell-fate determination of human mammary stem/progenitor cells.
    Dontu, G., et al. (2004). Breast Cancer Res 6(6): R605-615.. [ 15535842 ]

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