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Aurora kinase A

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Related Disease

  • Breast Cancer [ref.1]
  • Colon Cancer [ref.2]
  • Epithelial Ovarian Cancer [ref.3]

Therapy Method


Mitotic serine/threonine kinases that contributes to the regulation of cell cycle progression. Associates with the centrosome and the spindle microtubules during mitosis and plays a critical role in various mitotic events including the establishment of mitotic spindle, centrosome duplication, centrosome separation as well as maturation, chromosomal alignment, spindle assembly checkpoint, and cytokinesis. Required for initial activation of CDK1 at centrosomes. Phosphorylates numerous target proteins, including ARHGEF2, BORA, BRCA1, CDC25B, DLGP5, HDAC6, KIF2A, LATS2, NDEL1, PARD3, PPP1R2, PLK1, RASSF1, TACC3, p53/TP53 and TPX2. Regulates KIF2A tubulin depolymerase activity. Required for normal axon formation. Plays a role in microtubule remodeling during neurite extension. Important for microtubule formation and/or stabilization. Also acts as a key regulatory component of the p53/TP53 pathway, and particularly the checkpoint-response pathways critical for oncogenic transformation of cells, by phosphorylating and stabilizing p53/TP53. Phosphorylates its own inhibitors, the protein phosphatase type 1 (PP1) isoforms, to inhibit their activity. Necessary for proper cilia disassembly prior to mitosis.

Related Pathway/CSCs feature


  • [1] The mitotic kinase Aurora--a promotes distant metastases by inducing epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in ERalpha(+) breast cancer cells.
    D'Assoro, A. B., et al. (2014). Oncogene 33(5): 599-610.. [ 23334326 ]
  • [2] Aurora-a is essential for the tumorigenic capacity and chemoresistance of colorectal cancer stem cells.
    Cammareri, P., et al. (2010). Cancer Res 70(11): 4655-4665.. [ 20460511 ]
  • [3] Inhibition of Aurora-A kinase induces cell cycle arrest in epithelial ovarian cancer stem cells by affecting NFkB pathway.
    Chefetz, I., et al. (2011). Cell Cycle 10(13): 2206-2214.. [ 21623171 ]

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